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I'm sitting here drinking a cup of Hot Chocolate courtesy of and I'm enjoying the fact that I've forgotten less things lately, and that my blog planning is a little more colour coordinated and to plan! At work I think I could be the most organised person ever, but at home it all goes down hill... especially when it comes to planning blog posts and so on. Strange for a girl who loves storage and stationary and organising things when the time is there ay? But when offered to send out some stationary goodies, I couldn't pass the chance!

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When the opportunity is there I like to have a proper blog planning spree. I sit down, with a notebook and some colour coordinated pens and plan the month ahead. So getting a fresh notebook, with some coloured pens and highlighters meant that I could be super-duper organised! And I have been! The squeezy tube looking highlighters have become the biggest help since my work ones are getting dried up, so I'm not only using them to highlight the next posts I need to do on my lists, but I'm using them for work too. And those coloured pens have given my notebooks a pop of colour that making them look pretty... The main reason for selecting them. Cheeky! They also write really nice. Everyone loves a pen that write super smooth and looks good written from any surface... These pens are like that!
Another thing keeping me oh-so organised... but even more so: less forgetful is the amazing Cat Z-Notes dispenser! Ohhhh, I love this thing. It's so cute and I keep it on my cupboard by the door in my room so that if I need to remember something, I write it on a post-it and stick it somewhere where I will see it and remember it. I've never really used post-it notes before but I see the novelty and handiness right now. Especially when there's a cute grey kitty cat holding on to them for me! Super-useful.
My last useful thing from Viking is this completely-irrelevant-to-blogging rubber from Maped. I love a good rubber and I never have one when I get the urge to draw something. I used to have one of these back at school and it was so easy to use, rotate when it ran out and it never got dirty. So I really wanted another one for when I get my urges to draw and need to correct a mistake! Cute no? ;)
Lastly but not least those big pack of choccies disappeared in a matter of days! If there is chocolate in my house it just disappears. But not only through my gob, but the gobs of all my little greedy siblings! Admittedly I did share, but I thought it would last longer than 3 days! They're so yummy but evil when they're bite sized!

I'm really impressed by the things I've got from, and they're really good for all your office supply needs and stock a variety of supplied for all your stationary needs. They do all sorts from school supplies, bulk stationary supplies, furniture and personal stationary needs. I think next time I want a few stationary things I'll head to Viking, especially with them being so cheap too! Maybe I'll get a little more Hot Chocolate and sweets too with my order ;)

CAT xo

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