Lipstick Collection

Today I thought I would share with you my lipstick collection! A beauty post is long overdue, and I've had this idea in my little notebook a long time so it was about time!

I have a specific love for lipstick more than any other beauty product and it takes up a decent space in my makeup box. I experiment with a rainbow of lipstick colours, from pink to red and orange to purple, but I'm still yet to explore the wilder side of blues and greens! It looks small in the pictures, but it is ever growing and I have also cleared out some old and overused and abused ones recently.

I won't be sharing them all specifically but just some of my favourite collections and brands within. I hope you enjoy!

So first off, my Seventeen Stay Pout collection misses one that is hiding in a bag or coat pocket somewhere but this collection is fast becoming a favourite for it's stay power and vivid colour! Saintly is my most recent and loved lipstick, and the missing one is Make An Entrance which is a vivid red lipstick with an electric orange tone to it! My most favourite and used of these is Rule Breaker, a classic red darkened, with a plum tone to it.
Revlon is a brand I don't delve into as often as I wish... I often find myself avoiding it for the higher price bracket, but after buying the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Elusive and the Laquer Balm in Provocateur, I'm definitely digging them! I really want the rest of the colorburst collections in both laquer and matte balms! As you can see again, a favourite has disappeared into a pocket somewhere and I haven't been able to show it off!
Not too long ago I won a Twitter giveaway with Bourjois and won the four Shine Edition Colours. I wasn't too sure how much I'd like them because I'm not a gloss girl, but I fell for these quickly when I saw how well they applied and non sticky they were! I love these and though not having tried more than the two bourjoios lipsticks pictured above before, fell for them. They gave me a good four in completely different colours so I haven't yet felt the need for a new colour in the shine editions yet, but in time I'm sure I'll buy into the rest!
Ah, my most favourite and biggest collection yet! The Maybelline ColorSensationals have stole my heart, and I've bought seven different colours over time and still have a couple in my mental shopping basket...
I've always adored these after buying my first ones last summer: Neon Red, Electric Orange and Shocking Coral. I then went on to buy a couple more and only last week added Tantalising Taupe and Hollywood Red to my collection. I love the packaging and the colours even more. The stay power and opacity is just brilliant too, and I've always got one of these in my bag to brighten up any of my makeup looks!
I've not yet wandered into many Celeb inspired lipsticks, and have never really understood the hype. I bought these lipsticks solely for the colour, but they also made me think about the other lipsticks in each collection. The Kate Moss lipstick is great for gothic makeup days and the Collection Privee (Eva Longoria's Nude) is perfect for natural makeup days. Opposite ends of the spectrum for each hey!?
Finally, I thought I would share my top 8 right now. I was going to stick with 3... and then 5, but I couldn't pick 3 or 5 absolute favourites right now, so I picked 8! Each of these is different to the next and depending on my mood that day, depends which one I go for. I love my lipsticks and though I have my top favourites, they always change. I re-shop my stash every now and then and recover a long lost love for another lipstick, as I've done many times. Maybe that will be my next beauty post: a "shop my stash"! What do you think?

And which is your favourite lipstick of my collection?


  1. Im a massive fan of lipstick. I have so many I really need to sort through them. Think I'll have to try the seventeen ones though
    Beth x

    1. Yes! Try the seventeen ones! I love them the most at the moment! x