What Cat Wore: Hashtag Question Mark | Featuring JustFor5Pounds.com

Jumper * - JustFor5Pounds.com
Treggings - Topshop
Boots - New Look

I love a surprise, as much as I say I don't, so when JustFor5Pounds.com offered to send me a surprise something in the post I was happy to accept! And I was even happier when they sent me this cute jumper with a hash-tag and a question mark, suiting me and my relationship with the internet (particularly instagram) perfectly! I love a hash-tag on Instagram, and if you follow me, you see that I pretty much hash-tag every picture. It's a hate for some people but personally I don't mind them at all! I have two jumpers similar to this in the same colours, one with saying 'XOXO' on the front and the other 'GENIUS'.

I wore the jumper with my tartan treggings, spotted in the bottom of my drawer when looking for something other than jeans to wear with it today. They go together really well and I love the colour combination. I'm thinking this jumper will be great with my denim skater skirt too and potentially with some of my body-con skirts that I have in mind. Only trial and error will see!
Because I also was going to be walking through a potentially muddy field for car boot sale shopping this morning, I wore my over the knee boots my mum got me for my birthday. I love these boots and almost forgot all about them, but I think I've rekindle my love for the slouchy, comfy and warm boots today, and I expect to be wearing them all week!

On other notes, I've not been feeling very well for the last four days. Headaches, appetite loss and feeling weak... I don't know why and I hope it goes away. I've been sitting in the same spot cuddled up with my fleece blanket, laptop, iPad, iPhone and notebook for the last 6 hours trying to drink lots of water to make myself feel better! I'm also hoping the Chicken Tikka Masala that is due any minute now will help regain some sort of appetite and strength! And will be oh so yummy!.... MMMMmmmm. I love my Tikka Masala. What's your favourite curry dish?

CAT xo


  1. Awwh this really suits you. What a cute outfit :) xx