What Cat Wore: Crocheted Rose | Featuring SammyDress.com

Jumper * - SammyDress.com
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - Primark
Hat - eBay

So a few weeks ago SammyDress.com contacted me asking me if I'd like to review one of their items, and since I'd never heard of them before I decided to take a look at the website and do a little googling. SammyDress is a online retailer selling things from clothes to toys at wholesale and low factory prices, which definitely entices me, as I love a bargain! From what I could see online SammyDress has a lot of mixed reviews so I wanted to give my 100% opinion on it and happily agreed to do a review!

They sent me this cute fluffy knit jumper with a crochet rose detail on the shoulder, which I instantly loved. It is really soft, really comfortable and you can wear the jumper either way that the rose can be on either shoulder. I've worn mine here very loosely so that the jumper falls slightly where the rose is, but you can wear it with the rose right on your shoulder if you'd like. It's also asymmetric at top as well as the bottom which you can't see here because of the way I've styled it, but I didn't like it at first. I eventually started to like it and decided to wear it rolled up at the bottom, the same way the model wears it on the website to make it look more slouchy which I love with a jumper! It's so easy to wear with anything from jeans, skirts to leggings. Overall I'm super happy with the item and I can't fault it from the three times I've worn it already, and it's only been a week since I received it!

A lot of the complaints SammyDress have got is from expensive shipping, but this isn't something I know about as it was shipped to me for free. All FAQs are explained on their website and there is also a tab where you can shop items with free shipping if this is a problem. I have no opinion about this at the moment since I haven't yet experienced it but it got to me in 2 weeks so as for shipping time, I think that was good considering distance, and I do like the website and the items that they sell. Cheap and fashionable pieces are right up my street and I've spotted a few things on there that I'm loving and wouldn't mind getting my hands on. I'm initially not fond of expensive shipping but it is being shipped from another country, but dependent on the size of my order I don't think I would mind paying £5-£10 on shipping. Anymore than that and I would revise whether it's worth it.

On to general chit chat, I've done a table top sale today that didn't go very well. No one really turned up since it wasn't advertised that well so that means I still need to do a car boot sale to get rid of some of it. My car boot is literally stuffed with old unwanted clothes! Buy it all from me?

CAT xo


  1. Cute jumper!

    I have agreed to do a review for SammyDress too, I have picked a cute pastel pink blazer, cant wait for it to arrive :)

    Laura x

    1. Thanks! I hope you're review went well too! Link me up if you've done it! xx

  2. Love the jumper and your skirt. I would really like to do a SammyDress review too. xx