A Week In Norfolk

Hello again! So I've been away pretty much the whole of March and I'm back to tell you where I've been and things!
So the first week of March was finally holiday for me and John and we spent the week in a super luxurious lodge with a private hot tub, in the beautiful county of Norfolk. With no phone signal and internet access, we forgot about the outside world completely and enjoyed each others company, as well as enjoying days out in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and North Walsham. I didn't take loads of photos because... well I was having such a great time that I forgot to! But here are the few I took to share...
The Lodge
The food hamper was immense, the hot tub was a dream and the lodge was perfect!
Food Moments
All the goodies, from sweets shops in Norwich, hidden restaurant gems, John's homemade burgers and Pancake Day!

Places We Went
We're kids at heart, so the arcade was a place to be! We took loads of walks on the seafront and parks, drove for miles.

We has such a great time, and though I feel the pictures don't do it justice, I wanted to share those moments we'd captured! I loved our time away and we both came back very relaxed. I definitely recommend staying in a lodge if you're thinking about a getaway in the country, it's perfect for relaxing and discovering the countries hidden gems.
I was lucky enough to look forward to something when we came back as I has family visiting from both France AND Portugal so I've been super busy going out and enjoying time with my family. I've also been trying to settle into my new routine, so I apologise for being away for so long. Have I missed anything?

CAT xo


  1. Awwh looks like you had a lovely time :) x