Guerlain - Terra Ora Sculpting Powder & Contrast Highlighter

Recently, I decided to venture out into those higher end brands and after a wander into the beauty counters at Fortnum & Mason, I spotted this Guerlain Terra Ora Sculpting Powder & Contrast Highlighter on sale. This beautiful powder looked perfect for subtle contouring and suited more to my skin tone, so at half price it was a bargain worth buying!

Guerlain - Terra Ora Sculpting Powder & Contrast Highlighter

The Terra Ora Sculpting Powder & Contrast Highlighter sits in the most beautiful wooden compact which closes magnetically and has a handy mirror on the lid for easy travel use! The sculpting powder fills the compact, with the highlighter centred in the middle of the sculpting powder. I was a little confused with this but then again, I would imagine it doubles up as a bronzer?
The sculpting powder is a pretty and light matte beige, that I like to use this on the hollows of my cheekbones, as well as my temples and the wings of my nose to elongate and narrow my nose. As for the centre highlighter: it is a beautiful golden white with a subtle shimmer for a healthy sun-kissed glow. I use this part of powder to illuminate the tops of my cheekbones, brow bone and bridge of the nose to compliment the sculpted areas, and give the finished look that perfect definition! 

As for my thoughts on the powder: I really love it for it's subtle but defining results. I've not used many contouring products, but I particularly love this one for the sculpting powder. It suits my skin tone nicely and is really light on the skin. I don't find the highlighter is as powerful as the sculpting powder, though I still like the light subtle glow.
Since I've used highlighters and contouring products separately, and haven't owned any other contouring kits, I don't feel I can definitely recommend this one 100%. But I do love this a lot as don't regret buying it, and if I was to recommend it, I would probably do for olive toned skins such as my own. I definitely want to try other contouring kits that are more affordable such as the Sleek Face Contour Kit, and if there are any others you'd recommend I'd love to know what they are!

I've really got into contouring after learning all about it through watching countless beauty YouTube gurus and their tutorials. I particularly love Leigh Ann's 'Easy Countouring' Tutorial which really helped me understand it and love it. There's always something new to learn in the world of make up....


  1. The embossed pattern is lovely and Guerlain always products luxury products - gorgeous :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. You can never go wrong with Guerlain :D I have no experience with contouring, but this looks good :)