A Short Caravan Stay at St Margaret's Bay

If you read my last blog post you know that me and the boyfriend John went to stay in a caravan on the south coast for a few nights, and we returned yesterday happy and relaxed from our time away. Though the area we went to was a let down, as everything was either closed or non-existent, we still had a great time just being together in the caravan, watching endless episodes of Breaking Bad and playing PS2 games. (Yes we did take a PS2!) 
We love visiting historical sights as a couple and since we were near Dover Castle and Deal Castle we  to visit them, but unfortunately for us, they'd closed for the winter from the Monday! We also weren't successful in locating a shopping centre to have a little shop or even a cinema to watch a film, so we were a little stuffed for things to do outside the caravan. This didn't bother us too much, so we just did what we knew we'd spend most of our time doing and enjoyed it either way!

Yesterday we were left the sight and on our way home we stopped off at Lakeside and did a little Christmas shopping. We can both happily say we're half way done and it's not even the middle of the month yet! We enjoyed a hot dog and burger at Ed's Diner and was excited by the Christmas shop which just looked like Christmas on steroids! We may have to return for Christmas decor for our tree...

Overall, we had a truly lovely time together, and achieved all we wanted to, and we can get back to work stress-free and ready to get going for the busy peak season. Now we're back home, we're missing the little caravan, but decided next time we will stick to caravans in the north-east British coast, as it's got a lot more to see and do!

CAT xo

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  1. This is really cute :) It's really good you guys didn't let everything being closed completely ruin your time away !

    Anna xo