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Simple Eye Roll On -

Simple have always been my go-to brand for skin care products since they boast about products good for sensitive skin, having no added colours or perfumes. I love their cleansing lotion and toner, and was sure I would love some of their other products, so I thought I would try their new Kind To Eyes Eye Roll-On, since I suffer from dark circles and tired eyes.

The application of this roll-on is easy. Simply squeeze the tube a little and roll the ball in a small circular motion under each eye, resulting in feeling a cool and soothing effect on the skin.
I've used this a few times now, and my feelings for it were more towards disappointment. I didn't see physical results as I'd wanted and expected, and I even took before and after photos leaving half an hour in between each. Unfortunately, I didn't feel it wasn't worth posting as you can't really tell the difference between the two photos.
Disappointingly, the only positive feeling I felt towards the product is how it felt around my eyes after the product was applied. I did feel more awake, and it did feel cool and soothing, but nothing more, and nothing less.

The fact that it reduced the feeling of my tired eyes will be the only reason I carry on using this, but I will not be repurchasing since I'm looking for something that will physically reduce my tired eyes and dark circles. I'm finding it difficult to find an eye care product with physical results, so if you have any recommendations please share them below as I'll try anything right now. And if you've tried this Eye Roll On, please let me know your thoughts in the below too!

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  1. I love how refreshing eye roll ons feel, but like you, they've done nothing for my dark circles!
    The best one I've tried is the Garnier one, I'd definitely recommend it!