What Cat Wore: To The Waffle House

Dress - Warehouse
Cardigan - F&F
Pumps - New Look

Most Sundays I like to dress up and I thought I would wear my latest 'posh' dress this Sunday to go out for Waffles with the other half. I bought this for a special occasion about two weeks ago and never wore it, so I thought I would finally wiggle into it and have a day where I felt a little more 'grown up' as well as 'dressed up'.
I say grown up like I'm still a teenager. At almost twenty four I think I am grown up, haha! On that note although, I am attempting to make my wardrobe look a little more grown up, by attempting to make it more smart casual rather than just casual-casual. I think I'm aiming for a little more versatility and... maturity I guess is the word I'm looking for. I want more shirts, and chiffon blouses to go with skater skirts and printed trousers. (A little poetry there.) I want things that feel nice as well as look nice... And expensive! Even if they are not. I think I'm finally ready to ditch a lot of the old and invest in new staple pieces. I see a blog sale coming on...
This dress is the beginning of my attempts, and I honestly felt so pretty and dressed up in my jersey floral and bird print dress! I thought of dressing this up with a blazer but that's more for work wear. I settled for my fluffy cardigan as we were going out for a nice little treat to the Waffle House. It felt smart-casual... What I'm going for!

If you read My September post you probably read my bit about the waffles not being amazing. As you can see they looked it! But the tea was our highlight, being in a pot, the English Breakfast sort, and there's something about having brown sugar in your tea that just makes it just... perfect. As for waffles, I had mine with chocolate sauce and banana. How do you like yours?

CAT xo


  1. Firstly, i'm loving your outfit, that cardigan is gorgeous! Secondly, oh em gee, that waffle looks utterly delicious! xx

  2. Lovely outfit x


  3. Your dress is lovely, I love the print! It would look nice with a blazer and heels for a more dressy occasion.