What Cat Wore: Skeleton Girl

I love a little fancy dress, especially on Halloween. It's a time to be creative, inventive and scare some people too! If you've got an Outfit store near you, you may have noticed we all made an effort to dress up for Halloween, giving a few of you a fright, and making a lot of you laugh!
Today I was a Skeleton Girl at work! My costume was in the form of a catsuit, so it was super easy and comfortable to wear for a Halloween work day. I picked this suit up from eBay for about £20 which I thought was a bargain compared to some of the ones I'd seen before, and it was the only one I really liked out of all the skeleton suits I found. I loved it for it's baroque style print on the bones, and the fact that it was soooo comfortable. I had space for extra layers underneath too meaning I was nice and toasty all day and wasn't shivering all the way to the bone! Haha! Geddit!?!?
I'd always wanted to dress up as a skeleton, just so I could paint my face like one, so I knew I had to find an awesome design to pull it off! I took this half skeleton skull design from the amazing MUA, Lex. I found her YouTube Channel, Made U Look, and was amazed at her designs, as she does the most amazing Halloween themed make up, and when I saw this, I knew I just had to do it too! I scared a few people with it, and I don't think anyone could take me, or anyone else there seriously today, which was quite nice, since it was all in the spirit of Halloween and fun! I couldn't take anyone seriously, especially with friend and colleague Charlotte looking like an infected zombie, and a few others looking like witches, Bettlejuice and Jason of Friday the 13th! It was such a fun day, everyone had a good time and made and effort... even our manager dressed up!

Did you do anything fun today for Halloween or get dressed up for work?
Leave your Halloween blog posts in the comment box below, I'd love to have a look at them :)


  1. wow, you look fab! I love the catsuit and you look cray with only one contact in! xo


  2. You look amazing!
    I wish my eyes weren't so easily irritated, I'd love to be able to wear crazy contacts!