What Cat Wore: Psycho Girl Halloween Costume

Asylum Escapee Costume - Fun Party Ltd
Tights with DIY holes - Fun Party Ltd (similar linked)
White Out Daily Contacts - Fun Party Ltd

So this happened last night! Me and the boyfriend were invited to a friend's Birthday/Halloween party and we went all out on our costumes! He went as the joker (prosthetic make-up and all!) and I went as his crazy psychotic girlfriend basically! I loved this outfit too much not to get it, so I did buy it last minute. I only went to get face paint, liquid latex and white out lenses... You can check out a couple of extra photos of me and blogging bestie Jess at the party on my Instagram!
I thought since I get to do Halloween twice I could get away with having two outfits, one for yesterday and one for Thursday. And I don't regret getting this one, one bit! It was so cool, and different and in case you're wondering I had holes I could get my hands out of very easily, but I didn't really need to because the stretchy material meant I could move my hands freely inside anyway, haha!
I had so much fun doing my make up too, creeping myself up for the party. I paled up my skin, added grey shadow lines and went all out on the eyes! I was pretty proud of it, until I started rubbing it off half way through the night. After a while face paint just gets uncomfortable doesn't it?

We had such a good night and I'm pretty impressed with John keeping his Joker wig on all night! He hated the hair being in his face all the time. And he just looked amazing with his fake scars too. I didn't even recognise him when he picked me up! I commend his sister's cosmetic work!

Thursday I'm dressing up as a skeleton for work! Can't wait to spook it up again.
Are you dressing up for Halloween at all?


  1. amazing outfit, those contacts are amazing! I'm always one who leaves halloween outfits til last minute so need inspiration right now aha! xo


  2. You look terrifying! Your hair looks gorgeous x

  3. You look so cool!!
    I'd love to try those white lenses but my eyes are really sensitive, I'd probably have a horrible time trying to get them on! haha


  4. This is seriously amazing!! I love the straight jacket dress!

    Lost in the Haze