Topshop Blush - Head Over Heels

Discovering how good Topshop make up is, I knew I would be buying a Topshop Blusher, and on my search for a coral colour I chose the shade "Head Over Heels".

At first sight I believed it to be a coral orange with a touch of pink and a little shimmer for a subtle glow. My opinion on the colour changed once I actually applied it, and it appeared to be more the opposite, but a coral pink with a touch of orange. It's not too much of a bother for me as I think it's a pretty shade of pink that I didn't have before, but this means I'm still looking for my perfect orange/coral blush.

The product comes in the cutest polka dot packaging, and inside has a super handy mirror for blush application on the go. The compact closes really well too, which I like. This may sound weird, but I dislike those ones where the closing mechanism deteriorates and doesn't work any more, meaning product just ends up everywhere. Important if you're carrying it in your bag with you!
The product itself is lovely going from a cream based product to feeling like a powder based product when applied. It is so easy to apply too, by just using a finger to dot product on to cheeks and blending! The image below doesn't do any justice to it as you can barely see it, but it's a little more vivid in the flesh. I love the application, the colour and the packaging so it's definitely worth the £6 I paid, or less if you minus staff discount.

I'm definitely impressed by the blusher, and am thinking of getting another colour! Why not when you get that staff discount hey!? Cheeky...
Have you got any of the Topshop Blushes? Which ones would you recommend getting?

CAT xo


  1. I've recently started to use this blush again and have fallen back in love with it. It's definitely one of my favourites. I love Topshop make up they have some great products!


  2. I've never tried Topshop make up but was thinking of picking up the highlighter - now I want to blusher too! So impressive and super flattering on you :) xo