New Glasses: Missoni 55

It has been about 2 years since my last eye test, so I thought I would finally spend a little bit more money on my new glasses. And since my last pair were ruined I needed some new ones anyway.
My eyesight isn't bad, I only need glasses is for concentrated tasks like reading, writing, looking at a TV or computer monitor and driving in the dark. I do a lot of these things so I knew I needed to make it a healthy habit of wearing them more often, and because of my newest glasses being so pretty and wearable, I have!

Missoni 55 - Specsavers

I decided that I'd finally join Specsavers, since I've only heard good things... and because they had a buy one get one free on all designers glasses in store so I was excited to shop their frames after my test...
After having a cheeky look online the day before I saw this beautiful frame from Missoni and I knew I wanted them. Luckily for me they had them in store and the only thing I was going to have trouble with was choosing a second pair! I did get a lovely pair, but that's to show off in another post...

These Missoni 55 frames are a beautiful rectangular style, made in pretty lilac/purple crystal plastic with a yellow colour on the inner side of the glasses. The rectangular frame won me over as it suits my face shape perfectly, I'm usually gutted by a pretty frame in the wrong shape for me... and I was doubly won over by the beautiful gold and purple simple pattern on the side of the glasses too, for a simple yet pretty statement look.
They also came in the prettiest tan hard case, perfect for me since I'm awful at keeping them intact otherwise.

I've worn these a lot since I got them, they look girly and smart all at the same time, and they go with a lot of hair styles and outfits too. I love a new pair of glasses and I hadn't been so excited about glasses before so I knew these would be a good investment. I paid £155 all in for two pairs and my other ones have a anti-glare coating for when I'm driving at night, so I always carry both pairs with me. I kind of wish I got it on these too but at £30 each for coating I was kind of going over my limit already. I think these are more day time anyway being a light colour so that was my initial excuse for not getting it on these, and my other ones are a lot darker, so they seem more evening wear anyway. I'll show you those next time though...

So what do you think of my new specs? I feel like look like Velma from Scooby Doo in the first picture... Maybe it's the new fringe. Zoiks!

CAT xo

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