What Cat Wore: Scarf Print Skirt

Skirt - Primark via Charity Shop
Cardigan - F&F Tesco
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins 

I bought this skirt not long ago from a local charity shop, and I loved it for it's scarf print, and asymmetric hem. It's not as obvious in these pictures but it's on the images right side. It's also a comfortable mid length which I'm more into at the moment. I wasn't too sure what to wear it with so I wore a simple black vest with it. I also popped on my newest trusty cardigan, though it doesn't go well because it's starting to get cold and I wanted to be comfortable and warm. I may have to get this in the black too... I seem to want to wear it with everything. It's the fluffiness as well as the warm comfort of it... It's a weakness!
I wore this yesterday to go see the boyfriend. We had a night in which we hadn't in a while and invested in Netflix since we never have anything to watch, and it's worth it I think! We ended up watching films we hadn't seen for a long time and there's a massive selection. They're not all new releases but for the money what more do you want than a movie database in your PS3!?

These outfit posts are becoming more common than anything else on the blog right now! I'm glad to be doing lots more of these and I hope you girls like them. Let me know what you think, and what you want to see more of on the blog. I'm planning a blog sale soon so I'll be selling a few fashion bits, I'm not too sure about beauty products just yet, but I have a few beauty reviews lined up for the week too so come check up on here if you like a lot of lip products! ;)

CAT xo