Poundland Bargainista!

Okay, so today a Poundland opened in the shopping park where I work, and self control was lost when I was left to go in there and browse during my lunch. And of course, knowledge of the beauty products available at the best price of, surprise, surprise: a pound meant that I ended up spending... And buying this lot.

I didn't even know Poundland did brands and after seeing the Revlon nail polishes hanging there, my jaw dropped in shock and I bought five. From the picture above, left to right I have, Stunning, Minted, Classy, Craving Coral and Silver Screen. I've just tried them all, (as well including spilling Classy almost all down my duvet.... Major fail moment) and they're all amazing colours. They apply really well, but the lighter shades need two coats at least. I loved these the most, and will definitely be finding some more on next visits.
I also bought some other beauty related goodies. Nail gems as I almost bought some from work but after seeing these £2.50 cheaper, of course I wasn't going to be able to resist. Make up sponged and nail polish remover was much needed as stocks were low. I have a slight obsession with finding my perfect mascara so I bought one to try and I can't wait to give it a test run tomorrow.
And after I has passed the beauty products, I went for a browse of what I could get if ever I needed stacks of A4 paper, reading glasses, gardening tools, and so on. I bought those really cute ice cream cone car air fresheners as Upsy only has cute air fresheners. If they stink (which I don't think they do) I will be removing them and reverting to my favourite VW van one from Miss Selfridge. It smells of Marshmallow. And then of course sweets. I love curly wurlys... simple. And who doesn't go for the Poundland famous mishaped chocolates?

Share with me your Poundland favourites!
What is the best thing you've ever bought from Poundland?

CAT xo
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  1. oh my god, i am going into poundland from now on x

    1. Haha! It was amazing... I swore out loud when I saw the Revlon! I couldn't believe it! :P XO

  2. oooh i've seen the odd revlon nail polish in poundland but im going back to hunt down more. Love the silver one xo