Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hours - Boots

About a month ago now, I realised that I haven't really got any eye shadows or decent eye make-up palettes. Keeping this in mind when I went for a 3 for 2 offer at Boots I ended up buying myself this Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour to try as I've heard good things about it.

I'm going to get straight into it and tell you gals how much I love this already. I've been using this almost every day for the last month or so, and I will be more than religious on these little pots of magic forever now, and have decided I need them in every other colour!
I went for Eternal Gold in colour, as I have olive-toned skin, and with a tan, I thought this would look even better in the summer. On application, the colour comes out smoothly in a nice layer of colour, and it doesn't crease or smudge either which I find a bonus! I think I like that it's also so easy to apply as it's a cream, and I didn't think I'd like it, as I've always been okay with pressed powder shadows. But I thought there wasn't a harm in trying something new! 
I've been using this as a base with a slick of eyeliner or blending a darker shadow for a smoky eyes effect. It works really well for that and helps powdered shadows stick too and it is a quite sticky product. I actually was worried about this at first when applied, but once it's dried it really does stay all day! So there isn't a need for an eye-primer either as it does stay all day without one.

I recently bought the 17 Wild Metallic Cream, thinking that this would be a cheaper dupe to this but I found it to be too creamy and sliding all over the place... I will do a review on that soon too as I don't want to go too much into it. I did think of doing a comparison post but I've had this post lined up for so long, I really wanted to finally post it!
With my busy days recently and being ill quite a bit with colds and Monday's vertigo, I haven't blogged anything and I hate not blogging for ages because it makes me feel out of touch, and out of the loop, as well as really guilty. But thus! My blogging mojo is coming back, and I've got lots to blog about. More beauty than anything else, but who doesn't love a beauty post! Watch out for lots of Soap & Glory, the 17 Wild Metallic Cream, some various lipstick reviews!

I'd love to know what you girls want to see on the blog, or if you have preferred posts?
Please comment letting me know!

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