Gillette Venus & Olay

Gillette Venus & Olay - Boots - £10.99
3 Pack Replacement Razors - Boots - £10.99

I don't think I've ever seen anyone review razors before, and after searching on Google for bloggers who have, I didn't find many. But thus, here I am reviewing the Gillette Venus & Olay razors because I think this is worth sharing about.
I bought this recently at my local Boots as I needed new razors and they were doing 3 free blades when you bought the razor which also came with a blade. Of course it was a winner with the deal because as we girls know, razors and replacement blades are damn expensive!
On opening I was amazed when it had a nice overlapping plastic flap at the back to take the razor out. This meant no fiddling with scissors to try and open it, which I absolutely hate about razor packaging! It comes with the blade, soft grip handle and in-shower holder.
The Olay Moisture Bars are made to lock in moisture with a skin conditioner in the bars as well as giving you a close shave with the 5 blades, so this sounded perfect, especially as I suffer with quite dry legs and irritation after shaving almost every time. At first sight this looks quite alien with the Olay Moisture Bars at either side of the 5 blades. It looks quite chunky and I started doubting whether this was worth it and if the shave would be to the standard I'd expect and is promised in the description.
So giving this a go, I was surprised! I used it in the shower as I normally would any other razor and was amazed at how soft and smooth the blade glides along and I had to check it was actually working because it really felt like it wasn't! The moisture bars left a lovely coating of skin conditioner which felt amazing on, and  makes the shave glide ever so softly. Perfect for dry or sensitive skin! The shave proved to be exactly as promised too which was lovely! Close and clean.
The only thing I wasn't too impressed with was how much product comes off the bars. If you're like me and love your hot water, then this is going to come off your razor quite quickly. Judging after use, I think I've got another two or three uses out of it before it dissolves away, and I'd expect something more like six? I'm not sure how many uses is expected from this product unfortunately. But luckily I got the free pack of 3 razors with this so I've got a few more uses.
End results proved to be as promised again! Once my legs were dry I noticed instantly that my legs felt softer, smoother and moisturised! I didn't expect it to be quite as obvious, and more of a gradual result. I think it's a bit of both, but I still was very impressed. I think with the deal in Boots this was worth the money. I think I paid £10.99 for this? And I really loved the results. I'm pretty sure I would buy it again, as it really works and does what it says on the pack!

For a product that offers smooth moisturised skin and a close shave: Would you try this?

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