What Cat Wore: Floral & Tan

Sunglasses - eBay
Top (hand-me-down) - Morgan
Jeans - River Island

Just thought I'd share what I wore yesterday out in the lovely sunshine! I liked my iPhone photos better so I thought I would use them instead. They were taken by my little sister... She's soon going to be hired as my permanent photographer and I'll pay her with sweets!

It was really lovely and warm yesterday: warm enough to walk around jacket-less for the first time this year.I did think it was a little windy, so I decided to swap shorts for jeans, since I'd already decided to pull out a tube top. Then I just popped on my favourite summer heels for that dressed-up Sunday look! I wish I went to the pub yesterday to sit outside, relax, have a little drink and a chat, but by the time me and my man wanted to go, the sun had hidden away and the wind had picked up. Boo :(
I really enjoyed picking out my summer clothes again. As much as I love a big warm jumper, I would prefer to wear out my summer wardrobe any day!

CAT xo
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  2. really cute outfit, love the shoes! xo


    1. Thank you! They're my most favourite shoes :) XO

  3. Cute blog! :)