Review: Keds, Champion Floral

Hello! I'm back from my mid-week away in Scotland Edinburgh, I had an amazing time and now I'm back with a review on my Keds I'd received a few months back! It's been too cold to wear them but I thought I would brighten up my day with them today and see what they're all about.

Floral trainers laced up
Floral trainer close up
Person wearing floral trainers with jeans
Keds - Champion Floral *
(I also have these Champion Dot * worn in this post)
Jeans - Primark
Lace Tunic - Papersun
So they're not exactly suitable for this wet weather we're not enjoying in London these past few months which is why it's taken me so long to wear them. I don't want to ruin a lovely spring-worthy pair of shoes before they've even had the time to shine! But with only a couple of errands to run and a day in, I thought I'd finally wear these to brighten up my day with this pretty floral print!
At first impressions, I wondered how I would wear this, but it's easily worn with jeans and a tee, for a fun casual look. For a more fashion-forward look, I could imagine pairing this with a midi dress, or cropped trousers! The options are endless really when you put your mind to it. But I can't lie, I do prefer it with jeans and cannot wait for the summer to wear these with shorts to the beach, or just around town!
The sizing was a bit of an issue with me. I have an awkward shoe size anyway, I'm a 6.5 but mostly a 7, and I have wide feet too. I got these in a 7 and they are a little spacious at the front and thought I could have got them in a 6.5 as Keds do half sizes, which I think is really good as most places don't do half sizes! I then realised with my wide feet I probably went for the best option as it is a little narrower at the front and I would wear them down quicker if they were smaller! It's not a bother but I did notice the first time around wearing them. I suggest although getting half a size down if you're in-between sizes like me or if you're just one shoe size... get your size!
As well as an awesome print, I also love the soles in these! They have a specially cushioned insole and shockproof arch cushion which feels super comfy. I love a comfy insole, as I can't stand the ones you pop on... We don't get on... But in general, I really do love these shoes, though I'm not one for casual trainers or shoes. And when the sun comes out I'll be wearing these with everything! Comfort and style all at once ;)


  1. Those are so cute. I'd get a pair but they're so pricey. Nice post though :)

    Quirk and Swirl