MAC Archie's Girls Veronica Lipstick - Daddy's Little Girl

The thing I love about Duty Free is that everything is that little bit cheaper. So when I saw that Edinburgh Airport had a little MAC store inside... I knew I was going to buy something! I've never bought anything from MAC before so I was quite excited when I thought I'd try something from their newest Archie's Girls collection.

MAC Archie's Girls - Veronica Lipstick - Daddy's Little Girl

I've always heard good things about MAC and I've always loved the colours in their extensive lipstick collection... But I'm a budget girl and £15 for a lipstick is a lot of money for me, which is why it's taken me so long to buy one. I just about manage to spend a max of £7 on one if I'm looking for a nice new one. But Duty Free this was only around £12.
I chose Daddy's Little Girl which I'd describe as a bright and vivid violet-pink because the colour was so bright and me, I just had to have it! On application I was impressed with it instantly, as it just applied so smoothly with a perfect even layer of perfect opaque colour and a satin finish. So little is needed to achieve full coverage and wear, which I loved because this means less product, more wear! I think my favourite thing about this lipstick is the fact that it covers so well, as I prefer opaque lip products more than sheer ones. And second favourite is the fact that it's satin, as I'm not a big fan of glossy lip products... I think they just don't suit me and feel really uncomfortable wearing them. Am I weird?
I've worn this a few times and rarely needed to re-apply throughout the day! I've only had to re-apply after about 3-4 hours wear, and even then it's still quite noticeable in colour. I'm really impressed with this, for all reasons. Application, colour and wear, and feel a little ashamed I haven't jumped into the MAC wagon a long time ago! A product worth investing in! 

What's your favourite MAC product?


  1. Oooh so so pretty! I've never tried a MAC lipstick, I can never decide which one to buy, they all look so lovely :)

  2. Such a gorgeous color I have a few MAC lipsticks and really love the quality of them as far as how long they last.

  3. Very pretty! Wouldn't be a good colour on me but I love Veronica's face on the lipstick. It keeps making me laugh for some odd reason haha

    Quirk and Swirl