LUSH: Light Yellow Colour Supplement

For the last month I've been wearing Lush's Colour Supplement in Light Yellow as a alternative to foundation. I've been longing for the perfect foundation for me and have yet to find it, and trying alternatives and new brands is what us beauty bloggers do. I've always been curious about Lush's make-up range and since I was there already buying the face mask I reviewed here, and was running out of my Max Factor Facefinity foundation, that I would try one of theirs.

Lush Colour Supplement - Light Yellow - £8.50

What first won me over when I bought this was the fact that the colour was perfect to my skin tone. I find it very difficult to find my skin colour because I'm a light olive tone. Being olive skinned means I have to find yellow tinted colours, and though most of the foundations I go for are beige, which has yellow tints in, it's getting the right shade of beige. And this 'Light Yellow' is my exact shade.
The second thing that won me over was the fact that it had two ways of applying. Either straight for full coverage, or mixed in with your everyday moisturiser for a tint of colour. I find that in the summer I dislike wearing foundation and wear more tinted moisturisers as it's light on the skin, and on colder days I like to have full coverage. So I found this to be a winning feature as it suits me through these strange British springs and summers.

When I first applied this straight, I found that it had a medium coverage. I quite like a medium coverage as well a full one at times, so this wasn't really a problem for me. As for cover, it covers quite evenly and consistent. And although it doesn't completely cover blemishes, it definitely tones them down a lot, so wearing this without concealer, would only mean blemishes are less noticeable  but not completely covered. I also found that it lasts most of the day but not all day long. Working a 10-7 shift, and applying my make up about 9am I found that my foundation could do with a re-application at around 5pm, giving it around 8 hours wear. Which I guess is pretty good, as it is almost all day. I'd prefer it if it lasted a little longer as my days are a little longer.
I've decided though as much as I do actually like this, because I like a medium coverage, because it tones down blemishes and has dual ways of wearing, that I'm going to save the rest for the summer because this is more of an ideal summer product for me. Applying this with moisturiser means that the coverage is light and gives a more natural nude look. It brightens up the face with a hint of colour, and still tones down blemishes. I know I will love this more then than now because this is the sort of foundation I would be looking to wear on our rare hot days with a moisturiser instead of foundation, and on my holidays the same way too. Just because it's light weight, would feel more comfortable and it will make the product last longer too. I do love it, and would definitely buy it again but probably just for the summer time.

I think next time I go to Lush, I want to try some of the other products from their make-up range.
Any recommendations?


  1. ahh i like the look of this, it's a lot cheaper than i thought it would be for lush, and seems like such a good idea! i always need more than light/medium coverage, so it wouldn't be for me, which is a shame as it would be good for my yellow toned skin! x

  2. It looks and sounds pretty good! I love the fact you can wear it different ways, definitely good for summer as you said:) xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  3. Sounds great and it loks fab on you! Definitely going to consider trying it myself! x