Edinburgh: Day Two - Edinburgh Zoo

Day Two in Edinburgh and we spent the day at Edinburgh Zoo, pre-booked so we could book a slot to see a special couple. And the highlight of my entire day: seeing the Giant Pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang.

These two are the absolute most beautiful and amazing animals I've ever seen in my life! And now I've seen a real Panda with my own two eyes, I think I love them a little bit more!

We booked to see them quite early that morning and saw them at half 11. Miss Tian Tian was fast asleep and did the cutest panda yawn and roll! Mr Yang Guang was busy sitting in a basket of bamboo eating away like the cute thing he was! I was so amazed at them, and expected them to be a little bigger than what they are! But I still wouldn't mind a bear hug for one of them, and I'm keeping fingers crossed this year they make a little panda cub so I have an excuse to visit them again!

Entrance to the Pandas in Edinburgh ZooA panda eating bamboo
A panda sleepingA person posing in front of a panda sleeping.
A panda with bamboo
 A person looking at a panda
A panda eating bamboo

After seeing the Pandas we saw some more beautiful creatures from Penguins splashing in their new Penguin Beach and Meerkats scaring off Crows to playful lions and roaring Leopards! The weather was so perfect we walked around in Jumpers! Yes. Jumpers, and no coats! We couldn't of picked a better day to go.

These little rascals were settling into their new enclosure, Penguin beach which now includes the biggest outdoor penguin pool in Europe! The little guy below was playing with a little fountain and we stood watching the Gentoo penguins swim lengths in their new pool and the Rock-Hoppers being fed!

A penguin playing with water
Penguins near a poolA rockerhopper penguin
 A little grey penguin
^ This little guy called Snowflake is a silver penguin! They don't know how he got that way but he's SO cute! ^

The Big Cats were pretty cool, unfortunately I didn't see much of my favourite big cat, the Tiger because the darlings were sleeping inside out of the cold! ♥ We did get to see the lions play fighting and I spent a good 10 minutes watching the cloud spotted leopard showing off growling around and playing in her encosure!

Lions relaxingA tiger sleeping
 A jaguar on a rock
A jaguar sleeping on a log up high

There's something about Meerkats that make them so cute! Apart from comparing Car Insurance and doing that cute squeak at the end of the advert. We saw these little ones chasing off crows that were trying to get a hold of their lunch!

Meerkats sunbathingMeerkats watching whilst sunbathing
A meerkat looking at a cameraMeerkats sunbathing

I love Zebras. I got a cheeky hug off the one in Broxbourne Zoo once! These ones were too far away to cuddle :( But they are beautiful horses... And right on trend with those monochrome stripes! Work it pony! ;)

A zebra in the snow

We managed to find ourself on Hilltop Viewpoint which has the most breathtaking view of the city below and the mountains in the distance. And with all the snow that had landed a couple of days before, I think it just made it look a little more beautiful. We had such a great day out and ended up finding ourselves walking to the hotel 45 minutes away! Why and how is beyond us but it was fun. In the evening we went into town where we scoured looking for a decent place to eat... We're pretty fussy and ended up walking back to the train station where there was a little Chinese buffet we ended up scoffing down! Off back to the hotel we popped and into the land of nod quicker than a light! Zoo days and lots of walking really take it out of you!

The view from Edinburgh ZooA person standing in front of the view from Edinburgh Zoo
 A person standing in front of the view from Edinburgh Zoo
Two people standing in front of a scenic snowy viewpoint

What's your favourite animal? And what Zoos do you recommend visiting?

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