Edinburgh: Day One

As mentioned in my weekly post, last week I spent three lovely days up in Edinburgh, Scotland with my boyfriend. We had so much fun, and thought Edinburgh to be beautiful in a natural and architectural way, entertaining, full of things to do and polite, happy people!

I decided it would be nice to blog our adventures into two parts (mainly because the second day was more relaxed and revisiting the Old Town). I hope you enjoy the posts and possibly waver you into visiting Scotland one day!

The first day we discovered the Old Town and Edinburgh Castle, walking for what seemed (and actually ended up being) miles and miles! We, of course, weren't familiar with train stations and got off at the station before we needed to and walked for a good half hour before we got to where we wanted to be! Once we'd arrived around the Old Town, we sat down for lunch at The Filling Station, which was pretty tasty!

We ended up walking up to the castle and adventuring through and then taking a lovely walk down the high street finding the local fudge shops and buying a couple of tartan scarves. It was really cold so we head our way to the correct train station (before getting off at the wrong stop and finding ourselves walking a little bit more than expected back)! After our long day adventuring, we took a relaxed evening at our hotel restaurant and bar. We'd done so much we pretty much fell asleep in seconds that night. Good though... We were seeing the beautiful Pandas the next day.... ♥

Person sitting on a wall
Outside Edinburgh Castle
The view from Edinburgh Castle
The view from Edinburgh Castle
A view of Edinburgh castle grounds
A view of Edinburgh castle entrance
A statue of a man on a horse
Tea at the tea rooms
 An alleyway with stairsA statue in Edinburgh
A fudge shop window

I took a lot more pictures of course, but to share them all I'm sure would cause you pain scrolling far so long... I didn't realise Edinburgh was so "hilly"! I think I might have the most toned legs right now from all the walking! I think the pictures I took don't do much justice... It was a gloomy cold day and half snowed on! It's definitely worth going to Edinburgh for a cheeky in the country city break. Especially if you like culture and history.

The Castle was so beautiful, the tartan weaving mill is good to go to, and it is generally a beautiful city.

There's also a Scotch Whisky experience and Camera Obscura, both of which I would of .loved to have gone to if I had more time and money! I loved it all, and the second day beheld even more beautiful things! Stay logged in for cute animals including the famous Pandas, penguins, meerkats and cats of all sorts!

Have you been to Scotland? What did you love most about it?

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  1. I absolutely love the place!
    I went a couple of years ago and stayed in a haunted castle there it was one of the best holidays I've been on!