What I Wore: Evil Doll

Person wearing a broken doll costumePerson with broken doll makeup
Dress & Top as Doll Dress - New Look & Jane Norman
Wind Up Key - DIY | Tights - Clintons
Shoes - Topshop | Contact Lenses - Vision Direct

I know it's a bit early but for a Halloween charity event at work I dressed up as an evil doll.
I managed to use things I had at home and my contacts courtesy of Vision Direct to create this look and I'm so proud of it even though my DIY key kept breaking. I had an emergency repair kit as you can see was already used by the time this photo was taken because it kept falling off. It took me ages to make and it just didn't stay in place for more than an hour which was a shame.

Everyone was amazed by my contacts which I was so happy about. I'll be wearing them again on Halloween itself! They're so comfortable even though I did wear them longer than the recommended time. Still, they caused no problems at all.

Outfit stores throughout the country took part in this event raising money for Alzheimer's Society! We raised quite a bit of money with the cake sale and we all paid a little money to dress up, so I made sure I made an effort. I really love taking part in these charity events, and it makes you feel good for doing something. And on the plus side, we got to dress up.

Have you done anything for charity recently?
And what are you dressing up as this Halloween?


  1. I love this outfit,
    I love seeing how much effort people put in,
    love these colour contacts and the wind up key.
    Your so brave walking round like this at work, but its all for a good cause.

    Confessions Of A Small Town Girl

  2. Ah you look lovely! Your makeup is stunning :)