Reviewing the Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Lotion & Toner

Today I'm reviewing two Simple products from the Kind To Skin range: The Simple, Purifying Cleansing Lotion and Soothing Facial Toner!

Firstly, I'd like to confess that my daily skin routine is slightly atrocious so I am hoping to get to grips with a skin routine and hopefully make it part of my daily routine. Before it was just washing my face, the odd face mask and t-zone strips when needed. Terrible, I know.

I've always swayed to Simple products more than others. They seem straight forward and Simple (excuse the pun). I also feel more comfortable with how to use them thanks to their clear cut instructions and 'what it does' labels explaining virtually everything in a few sentences. Great for someone like me who is new to all this.

Simple Kind to Skin cleanser and toner
Cleanser on a cotton padToner on a cotton pad

A person using toner on a cotton pad on their face

From what I'm told, the order is: makeup remover, cleansing lotion, facial toner and then moisturiser. 

For this skincare routine, I used the makeup remover I have and the moisturiser I have along with these two new products.

In short, I love them both and they've changed my whole outlook on a daily skin routine and it's importance.

Kind to Skin Cleansing Lotion

The Simple, Kind to Skin Cleansing Lotion gives ultimate freshness straight away. Applying it with a makeup pad or a ball of cotton wool wiping away from the face and applying about just over a grape-sized amount on at a time. After a couple of days, I could feel that my skin was not only feeling much cleaner, but I could see the results on the cotton wool and also on my face as many of my skin blemishes were being literally wiped away.

Kind to Skin Facial Toner

The Simple, Kind to Skin Facial Toner honestly made my skin feel much tighter and refreshed. Applying it in the same way as the cleansing lotion, in the morning it definitely wakes me up and makes my skin feel ready for the day. And in the evening it makes me feel clean and ready for a good night's beauty sleep as it should always do before you hop into bed. There's nothing better than feeling super-duper clean before bed.

Recommended to be used together, the Simple Cleansing Lotion and Facial Toner honestly have made an impact on my skin with visual differences as well as feeling them. Twice a day and in one week I could see my skin look more radiant and clearer and feeling fresher, cleaner and more toned.

I love these products and will soon purchase the Kind to Skin: Smoothing Facial Scrub and Hydrating Light Moisturiser. I'd also love to try the Pore Skin Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser and the Vital Vitamin Night Cream.

What are your favourite Simple products?


  1. I have the Simple cleansing lotion and I love it! Its the only thing that makes me feel like my skin is perfectly clean and cleansed. and because I have such sensitive skin and break out at the slightest things it something that really works with my skin! definitely going to invest in a Simple toner cause I use a witch hazel one at the moment.

  2. Hi gorgeous girl! I just found your blog via 'the life of a cupcake!' and am so glad that I did! I'm your newest follower! xoxo

  3. I googled the cleansing lotion and toner to find out peoples opinions and stumbled upon your blog, thank you for this review it helped me make up my mind on the products. Hopefully they can help me sort out the train wreck that is my skin! x

  4. I have been using the cleansing lotion as a moisturizer for my face. Am i allowed to do this?

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