Pink Lady

I just wanted to share the pretty pink dress that I wore on Sunday in an outfit post today.

Person wearing a pink dressPerson wearing a pink dress
Person wearing black pumps
A person with dark black curly hair
Pumps - Topshop
Charm Bracelet - Prairie Charms

Just before my mum went away for 2 weeks she gave me this lovely dress and said a friend had given it to her, to give to me! It's just simply the perfect holiday dress.

I paired this dress up with my new studded Topshop pumps.

Believe it or not, this is this blogger's only pair of pumps. A serious Primark trip is in need to get in more than one pair. I've ruined about 3 or 4 pairs since the year began and I haven't been replacing them quick enough. 

I really love these because they're fun and studded! I'll be really looking after these... I nearly wore my Miss Selfridge heels but I was only going to my nan and granddads for dinner so I kept it low. A simple cardigan to throw over and my vintage aviators, and I was set for the day!

Have you got a favourite dress?


  1. I have a lovely floral dress without a label in, but it's perfect in the sun :)
    You look beautiful :) xx

  2. You look lovely in hot pink! Suck a cute dress - you look like a doll! I don't have any unknown pieces but a have lots of classic pieces that I'll keep forever! x

  3. The dress looks stunning on you :) such a pretty colour :)