My MUA Make Up Haul

Recently, I took advantage of Superdrug's 3 for 2 on all beauty products offer and cheekily bought myself a few new makeup products from MUA. I'd never tried MUA before but thought it was about time I gave them a go.


Two pink lipstick shades.
MUA Lipsticks in Shade 2 and Shade 10

I was amazed when I used Shade 10 (right) and the colour was perfect and applied really well. It lasted quite long and I was really happy with it. Being so happy with it I returned to buy Shade 2. I found that shade 3 came out more like a gloss than a lip colour and after more uses, the colour began to show, but the texture was glossier and it wasn't for me.


A concealer pen.
MUA Concealer Pen Radiance

I only use this occasionally when I look tired or when I need to cover up that damn blemish. It works well and with the foundation I also bought and it really makes a good team! I don't know if I'd buy it again when I run out although as I wasn't keen on the brush application.


A teal and green individual eyeshadow.
MUA Eyeshadows in Shade 6 (teal) and Shade 5 (green)

I love these eyeshadows. They're really pigmented, bright and I've used them a lot recently. They're fun and so easy to apply... I'd love to buy a few of their other brighter shades sometime soon.


A black mascara
MUA Mascara

I was disappointed with this mascara. It was thin and I felt like the formula was diluted so didn't show up very well. I think next time I'll stick to my Collection 2000 mascara.


Bronzer in a square compact/
MUA Bronzer in Shade 2

I tend to use this on sunnier days and when I want a bronzed look. It really is a lovely shade and the photo does it no justice. It's probably my favourite MUA product I bought this time around.


Foundation in a tube.
MUA Matte Foundation in Shade 3 - Gentle Fawn.

I use this every day at the moment and I've never found a foundation that matches my skin quite nicely as this! It leaves a matte finish is long-lasting in my opinion. It's my favourite foundation right now.

I really love exploring new brands and so glad I've ventured to trying MUA. Have you tried MUA before? What's your favourite product of theirs?


  1. I LOVE MUA! They're eyeshadows especially are such great quality for an even better price! I've recently ventured into their lipstick range and am super impressed! x

    1. I really do love their eyeshadows! They've got so many colours too and with the price of them you don't have to pick just one to treat yourself! xo

  2. I love the MUA lipsticks. The quality and colours are amazing for just £1 :)

    Those are some gorgeous coloured eyeshadows by the way haha! Maybe you could post an eye look using them soon?

    Laura xx

    1. They are! It's just that one shade's glossiness put me off a little bit!

      Thanks for the idea! I might have to now!!! :) XO

  3. Oooh all looks very nice! I've heard alot about MUA but haven't ever tried it, will have to give it a go!

    1. For the price it's worth a try! I did and I'm super happy with my purchases and great for those on a budget! XO

  4. I've heard of this before but the price kinda of puts me off! I just think you can't have amazing quality for such low prices! haha
    Maybe after reading this i'll give it a try?

    Laura x

    1. I know that's what I thought, but so many on blogs said about it I just had to try and for the price its not really wasting too much if you're expecting to be disappointed, but I honestly think you'll be surprised! It's really great! XO

  5. Love that peachy lipstick color on the right - so natural and pretty! :) Great items, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for you lovely comment! It's my favourite colour too! XO

  6. I love MUA lipsticks and eyeshadows!! You should try their lipstick in shade 7. It's my all time favourite lipstick EVER. xx

    1. I'm banning myself from buying anymore make up until my holiday but I might do! All their colours are so nice! XO

  7. I love MUA - I have their Intense Glitter Eye-pencil. I love the eyeshadows they're really pretty ~