What Cat Says is Two

Today my blog is TWO!


I think most followers will know my blog hasn't always been What Cat Says. I started off writing as Something Said, a little blog where I would say anything I wanted to say. It was less about fashion and beauty and more about my goings-on, adventures, little life lessons and art. My blog is still about all the things with a little more fashion and beauty. I still have a few blog posts about life lessons and my Sunday post is dedicated to my goings-on during the week big or small. I like talking about the things I want to talk about, and not what I think I should be talking about. And being a category-less blogger, in this case, what I like to call the everything blogger rather than a lifestyle, slash fashion, slash personal blogger.
I changed my blog name to What Cat Says when I realised how much I'd developed since starting the blog and how much happier I am and a brighter person with more perspective on life than before. My blog became a part of my life when I became dedicated to writing it and I stuck with it, which doesn't happen often if you know me. I decided that I wanted to change my blog name because it seemed too old and 'not me' anymore. So fresh starts began with a new blog name and a few weeks ago the final touch of the new URL. Doing that made my blog feel new, fresh and completely me.

I'm so happy that I've been blogging happily and two years solidly. It's a hobby still as it had started and I enjoy it as much as I did but since then it has been a part of what developed a little more personality and girliness from it along with my boyfriend and more or less growing up.

To think this all started at my Fine Art uni desk in my second year... Happy Birthday Blog ♥



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  2. Happy Blog Birthday! :)

    You have such a lovely blog xx

  3. http://arouda.blogspot.com/2012/06/please-dont-hbd-me.html