100 Things (Part 1)

So I was blog browsing as I do and I came across A Little Obsessed who did the 100 things but borrowed the idea from Sofia's Journal. I love the idea of the writing 100 things that make me happy and sharing it with my readers so I thought I would also borrow the idea too!
My 100 things will be in parts, so there will be 10 parts to this little challenge.
Sofia's Journal lists people who have taken up this challenge on her blog so if you would like to also do the challenge, feel free to and also email Sofia and let her know!


#1 the achey feeling in your cheeks when you've smiled too much

#2 puppies
#3 friends & family

#4 the acomplished feeling when i finish a piece of successful art

#5 cupcakes

#6 the surprise in a kinder egg

#7 the sun

#8 feeding the ducks

#9 a good chinese buffet

#10 cold bed sheets

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